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Why is daphnee a great pet care app for you?

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Customer Management

Daphnee Pro allows you to store, access, and manage all your customer data in one place, saving you time and reducing administrative tasks.

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Unified Pet Management

Keep track of all pet-related information including medical history, behavior traits, dietary needs, and more. This aids in providing personalized care and service for each pet.

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Intuitive Object Management

Our unique feature lets you assign animals to objects like stables or devices, improving resource allocation and utilization in your facility.

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Calendar Management

With the integrated calendar function, you can easily schedule and manage appointments, keeping your business organized and ensuring you never miss a crucial date.

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Efficient Data Sharing

Daphnee Pro enables direct data exchange via the pro app to the customer's app, allowing you to easily get and share data for real-time updates and enhanced coordination in pet care.

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Cloud-Based & Accessible

Daphnee Pro, accessible from any device or browser, allows you to manage your pet care business from anywhere with an internet connection.

What our customers
do with daphnee?

Our customers manage their pet care operations more efficiently, from seamless customer and pet data management, sharing updates directly via the app, scheduling appointments using the integrated calendar, to ensuring data privacy and accessibility from anywhere, all within one robust platform.

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Customer and Pet Management

Our customers utilize Daphnee's comprehensive CRM tools to efficiently manage client and pet data. This includes tracking pet health information, dietary needs, behaviour traits and more. Furthermore, by keeping this data at their fingertips, they are able to offer highly personalized and effective pet care services. This efficient management leads to improved customer relationships, increased trust and ultimately, a flourishing pet care business.

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Data Exchange & Sharing

Leveraging Daphnee's direct data exchange feature, our customers can share crucial updates and important pet-related information instantly with pet owners through the app. This real-time sharing of information not only fosters efficient and transparent communication but also contributes to improved pet care coordination and a stronger bond between pet professionals and pet owners.

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Calendar Management

Daphnee's integrated calendar function is utilized by our customers to effectively manage their busy schedules. They can easily set appointments, send reminders, and avoid overlaps, ensuring smooth day-to-day operation of their pet care business. Additionally, this feature helps them stay on top of important dates like pet check-ups, grooming appointments, and vaccination schedules, thereby elevating the level of care they provide and enhancing client satisfaction.

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Don't take our word for it, see what our customers say

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"Daphnee Pro has streamlined our therapy sessions. We can monitor progress, manage client data, and share therapy data with pet owners. The calendar function has simplified the organization of our sessions, leading to more efficient operations."

Pet Physiotherapist
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"Daphnee Pro has simplified managing equine health records. The instant document sharing feature has not only streamlined our operations but also significantly enhanced our client communication, ensuring home-based pet health management is well informed and effective."

Dr. Stephan Leser
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"Daphnee Pro allows us to efficiently track and share animal health data with potential adopters. Scheduling care activities is easier with the calendar function, and the document management feature ensures we have all necessary paperwork in order."

Animal Rescue Organization