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The Smart Pet Tag That Brings Your Lost Dog and Cat Home

The Daphnee ID is your dog’s and cat’s fast track home if they wander off. Anyone with a phone can scan the QR Code on the tag to view essential information about you and your furry friend, including how to safely return them. It’s more than just a tag – it's a guardian that provides peace of mind.

Orange dog collar with a daphnee tag in gold
Illustration of daphnee app with two diary entries which show a girl, her dog and her horse

The Go-To App for Pet Parents

Say hi to the Daphnee App, your new pet care companion. Our app is designed for every pet owner, making care of your pets both easy and fun, ensuring your furry friends stay super happy and healthy. It's not just any app – it's set to become an essential part of your pet care routine.

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