Help Them Find Their Way Back Home to You

Step Up to Superior Pet Protection because Dogs and Cats GO MISSING Far More Often Than You Might Expect.

1 out of 3 pets will experience being lost at least once during their lifetime
10 million pets go missing
annually in the U.S. alone
Over 80% of these lost pets in the U.S. are never recovered

What are the Key Benefits of our Pet ID Tag?

It not only looks stylish, but is also durable. By combining QR technology with our dedicated app, we provide you a unique set of safety features and allow people who find your pet to easily access important information about your pet – far more than just a single contact on conventional dog tags. A must-have for dog and cat owners who value a high level of security.


Display Multiple Contacts, Vital Pet Info and Keep the Data Up to Date if Required

Our app allows you to create a digital emergency profile for your pet, which is a huge improvement over traditional pet ID tags. You can add all the important details such as health information and multiple contact options, with ample space and the ability to update as needed, providing constant peace of mind.


Know Where Your Dog or Cat Has Been Found

Our app sends you instant notifications of your pet's whereabouts when someone scans their tag and gives their exact location. Quickly open a map app to find the location and get there quickly so you can see your pet again faster.


Help Your Stressed and Scared Pet to Calm Down and Trust the Finder

A tag with your pet's name on it helps any finder use their name right away, which can comfort your pet and promote a friendly interaction with the finder. It's a personalized approach that adds warmth and reassurance for your lost companion.


Combine Daphnee ID with the Apple AirTag

The ultimate combination of Daphnee ID and the Apple AirTag is unbeatable. You have all the advantages of Daphnee ID via the QR code, as well as the full functionality of the Apple AirTag. However, the Apple AirTag can only be controlled with iOS.


Easy Access to Your Dog's and Cat's Information with just One Scan

Finders don't need the app to scan our pet tags. They just need a smartphone with a camera to access your pet's information.


Add various contact options such as phone numbers and email addresses so that someone can easily get in touch with you if they find your pet.


The profile can include your pet's name, age and other identifying characteristics so that finders can gather all the important information about your pet at a glance.


Note any significant health details, such as allergies or health conditions your pet has, or their vaccination status, that can be crucial in emergencies.


Describe any special behaviors of your pet and give instructions that might help the finder. This knowledge can save stress for both your pet and the person who finds them.


Upgrade Your Pet's Collar with a QR Code Tag for Quick and Secure Returns

1. Select Your Tag

Choose a cool tag from our shop and put your pet's name on it

2. Get Our Free App

Download the Daphnee App from the App Store or Google Play and make a profile for your pet.


3. Activate Daphnee ID

Connect your new tag to your pet’s profile in the app, enter their emergency info, and turn it on. The QR Code is now active.


4. Use "Lost Pet" Mode

If your pet goes missing, you can also use the “Lost Pet” mode to log the time your pet is missing.


5. Scan. Connect. Reunite.

If someone finds your pet, they don't need an app to scan the QR code, just a phone camera. They will immediately see your contact and the details of your pet. You will also receive a notification with the location every time the tag is scanned. This way you can meet the finder quickly and easily.


Daphnee ID offers Unmatched Protection for Dogs and Cats

Daphnee ID
Classic Dog
Quick Info Access for Finders
Found Pet GPS Alerts
Shows Key Contacts
Multiple Phone Numbers
Lists Vital Pet Info
Easy Info Updates
Controlled Info Sharing
Low-Cost Option
No Battery Needed

Don't Take Our Word for It. Hear What Our Customers Say About Daphnee ID.

"A stylish tag that not only looks good, but is also easy to use! We are super happy."

Mia R.

with Dachshund Aston

"The tag really is like an ID card and a health card for animals. Thanks to it, my Labrador Dino was quickly identified and brought back home to me."

Sarah S.

with Labrador Dino

"Our cats are strays. Even though they don’t go on long walks, we are glad to know that they have our contact details with them if they wander off too far."

Hannah & Max O.

with Cats Garfield & Charlie

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